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All enquiries please phone Ann Howie - 0488066414

  • I have had so many email and phone calls for puppy enquiries I am afraid there are so many that I have not had the time to reply to them.  Please accept my apology if I haven't got back to you.  There are over 50 people looking for a miniature Dachshund puppy.  Unfortunately there just aren't enough registered breeders here in Perth to fulfill the orders.
  • Most of the people who have been up to visit me to meet my dogs and are becoming friends are the ones who I usually let my puppies go to.  So I have had quite a few people willing to make the treck up to my home in Muchea to meet me.  This is appreciated and as I am very particular as to who my puppies go to it is great to get to know people who I feel I can trust with one of my babies.  I wish I could provide each and everyone of you with a puppy but that is not going to happen unforutnately.

Please check out the breeders on this Dogzonline site click on miniature smooth haired Dachshunds and then when your in the page click on puppies for sale.  I don't advertise but most people find me through this website.


We ended up having a litter from "Senna" Annaric Song of Ice N Fire" sired by Jasper "Ch Annaric Chance Specialty" born on 17th July this year and all 6 puppies have gone to their wonderful new homes with fantastic owners.

After this litter there will be no more puppies bred by us this year in 2015.  We hopefully will have two litters in 2016 by the middle of the year.  They will be from:-  CH ANNARIC WEE WILLOW IN THE WIND - SIRE "ANNARIC DAVE D DASH HOUND".  and CH ANNARIC SONG OF ICE N FIRE & SIRE:- ANNARIC THE WEE OUTLADER.  Most of these puppies are already spoken for and are on my waiting list. 

Anna Howie - Annaric Dachshunds - where the dog "SPEAKS" for itself.                                                                              









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ANNARIC DACHSHUNDS - where the dog 'SPEAKS" for itself

owner/breeders PJ & AJ Howie

                          6 Simon Drive, 

                           KARLOO,   GERALDTON     WA     6530

were the dog "SPEAKS" for itself